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Take a larger-than-life walking tour through the human body and learn more about how your major organs work in this permanent exhibit. Features in the Amazing Body Gallery include:

  • Approximately 30 interactive video and audio kiosks invite guests to pose interesting questions about human anatomy and health information.
  • A 22-foot-long backbone with ribs descending from the ceiling to the floor, creating the feeling of being inside a giant rib cage.

 The hands on experience includes:

  • Texas-sized, 10-foot-tall walk-through brain with memory games
  • The 12-Foot-Tall Giant Beating Heart simulates normal heart functioning, and three times per hour, it gives guests an unexpected view of what happens to blood flow during a heart attack.
  • Walk-through Colossal colon
  • Skeleton riding a bicycle
  • Colossal eyeball that demonstrates how your eye receives and perceives images
  • Calorie Crank conveying how many calories you must burn for specific foods you eat
  • Giant Human Heart wheel with biometric systems that check your heart rate while running or walking
  • Jump, Stretch and Hang Activity for vertical hanging endurance   




Heart Wall


Take a journey through the heart in a new way with our heart wall. Four connected screens give you functions of the heart, and their importance, as you learn about one of the more complex organs in the body. 




Scream Booth                    


Ever wanted to measure the pitch of your scream, or compare it to the sound a lion makes when it roars? One of our newest additions to the Amazing Body Gallery is the screaming booth. Step inside the doors and scream as loud as you can, and learn the measure of your voice!


Other attractions include You: The Exhibit, the McGovern 4D Theater and special exhibit space for traveling exhibits.


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